Need to choose official Facebook Application data

Nov 22, 2011 at 7:16 AM

The default Facebook application used by FacebookPSModule is currently "Test Application jonn_msft" registered to my account, with site URL It's time to fix the current AppId's data to be more official-sounding, in advance of moving FacebookPSModule to Beta. Remember, FacebookPSModule isn't a "real" Facebook application, but it does use the Facebook Graph API which requires that some Facebook application ID be used. Most of these settings will only be visible in module code or in dialogs visible to the PowerShell user, although some may also be seen by other users (e.g. if you send them a message). I'm considering these changes:

App Display Name: Facebook Automation (I suspect this one may be visible to other users)

Site URL: (I already own this)

Auth Dialog Headline: Authorize Facebook PowerShell Module

Auth Dialog Description: This dialog grants broad Facebook permissions to Facebook PowerShell Module. These permissions will be used only by FacebookPSModule on this computer.

Any preferences? Note that you can always specify your own AppId if you want.