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Facebook is today mission-critical to many organizations’ customer relationships, as significant as are email and web presence.

Therefore, such organizations should manage their Facebook presence with the same IT rigor as other mission-critical technologies such as email and websites. I assert in particular that
  1. An organization’s Facebook presence must be under ultimate administrative control of the organization itself, and not any particular employees. Customer relationships within Facebook must carry forward as employees leave, enter, and change roles within the organization.
  2. An organization must be able to manage its customer relationships within Facebook members in conjunction with other means of contacting the same customers.
  3. An organization must be able to automate routine management of their Facebook presence.
  4. An organization must document its formal Facebook processes with the same rigor as its formal processes for other elements of IT.
  5. Where social networking technologies other than Facebook have similar importance to an organization, the same applies to them as well.

As a partial answer to need (3), I offer the Facebook PS Module. This technology (still in Alpha at this writing) enables organizations to automate and integrate Facebook using Windows PowerShell.

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