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Bulletin 8/25/2012
Upcoming changes in the Facebook Graph API will require attention from all current users of FacebookPSModule. Cached tokens no longer last indefinitely, except for page tokens generated by the new 0.6.4 release. You will need to regenerate your page tokens, and reconsider your practices for managing user tokens.

Project Description
Facebook PowerShell Module is a PowerShell module for managing Facebook, developed in PowerShell script.
  • Read Facebook data: Get-FBFriend, Get-FBEvent, Get-FBFeed, Get-FBPost, Get-FBGroup, Get-FBMember, Get-FBAlbum, Get-FBPhoto
  • Bulk upload/download photos: Read-FBBulkPhotos, Add-FBBulkPhotos
  • Create Facebook objects: New-FBEvent, New-FBEventInvite, New-FBFeed, New-FBPhoto
  • Send bulk Facebook messages via dialog: Show-FBMessageDialog
  • Work with Facebook pages as well as users/groups: Get-FBPage, New-FBConnection -PageId

Facebook IT Manifesto

Creating secure Facebook installations


FacebookPSModule depends on Facebook C# SDK. Status is Alpha as of 11/16/2011, meaning that it is not yet ready for managing your mission-critical IT processes, but definitely ready for experimentation and light usage.

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